MARIA SKAZA is an upscale jewellery boutique in the Southern suburbs of Athens.
Almost hidden in a small alley in Glyfada it reveals itself like an oasis of beauty and elegance, filled with a curated selection of designer's jewellery.
The passion for jewellery and design was the unique blend for the creation of the shop back in 2009.

The boutique showcases Greek jewellery designers and their collections of exceptional and often one of-a-kind pieces. Their exquisite design rather than the material in itself, defines the collections. Treasures of gold and silver or wood and leather are always ready to meet the desire of every jewel lover.

The store was named after its founder, MARIA SKAZA. As Maria says "My vision was that every piece in the store reflects personal choices. I select and propose jewellery I would choose for myself. I always felt a deep love and admiration for unique, hard to find pieces. The boutique is the fulfillment of my wish to make it easy for women or men to own designer jewellery.

My passion led me through out the years, to meet talented designers, filled with inspiring and creative ideas. I am always excited to work with them as a team, aiming to present in store the best their collections have to offer.
Every piece of jewellery in my boutique is the result of each designer's inspiration, hard work and persistence for excellence, delivering joy and satisfaction to my clients. Yet the greatest pleasure is mine, combining craftsmanship and creativity with the desire to offer the best there is in the marketplace.